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Hungry horses need your help...

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Happy Spring! We made it through winter and our horses are enjoying a little bit of green grass that grows for a short time each year depending on the winter rainfall, which wasn't much this year. The grass won't last long, and unfortunately it won't offset the hay consumption by much. See the photo of the hay truck? That is about 10 days worth of feed for our Sanctuary horses. They eat 50 bales per day, and our training/adoption ranch horses eat another 15 to 20 bales per day. It is always hard keeping up with the cost of hay and we are so grateful that you help us with this basic need from month to month. The problem we have now is that the cost of hay as gone up $5 per bale since last year. One reason is that we had a short rain season and that affected the farms and now we have the fuel increase. Those big trucks require a lot of fuel to bring the hay several times a month. Honestly I don't know how we are going to be able to keep up with the ever increasing cost of feeding our horses. But by the grace of God we have never missed one day of feeding and I hope we never do. Most of our rescued sanctuary horses are getting old since many have been with us since the early years - we have been rescuing horses for 25 years now. And, a few of our older ones have passed away from natural causes due to their age. But - we also see them living way into their late 20's because we give great care to them. They live stress free happy lives in natural herd environments and never go hungry or thirsty. Life is good. Another problem we are experiencing is the drop off in our general donations. It's no surprise because inflation is kicking everyone in the pocket. It is completely understandable that people don't have the money to give that they did before. Yet - I have to ask you to please help us pay for the hay we need to feed our beautiful horses. We have a truckload due this week and will need to write a check for more than $10,000. Then another one after that and again and again. It never ends. Normally we squeak by, but right now I'm afraid we could fall short. Any amount you can spare will help us pay for the next hay bill. Even if it is just a little we will appreciate it more than ever. One way you can make a donation that you might not be aware of is through your IRA account. If you have one you can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your account and you won't be taxed on it if it comes from your funds account directly to Lifesavers. You can ask your funds advisor to help you with that. Or click the button below for IRS information. IRS information Any way that you can give a gift of love to the horses for hay - the most basic of needs - but also the most essential - would be simply lifesaving. I hope you are doing well, staying healthy, and being happy. THANK YOU for helping us get through the hard times. The horses are more than grateful for you.

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