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Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Amid the worry and uncertainty of this moment in time, we wish all of our friends' health and safety. We are doing our best to keep ourselves out of the mainstream of travel and activity while continuing to give care to more than 400 horses every single day.

As we see people losing their jobs and financial nest eggs we are feeling the trickle-down effect as well. Donations are quickly drying up and our reserves will not last without the continued support of those who can comfortably give so that the horses will not miss a meal.

We are bringing in extra hay as we can to try to brace against the possibility that hay may become hard to find over the next few months while our country is trying to survive on just the basics.

If we all do our part the best we can then maybe this downturn will see an upswing in the nearest future.

Please don't forget about the innocent horses that have no awareness of what is happening right now. To them, it's just another day in Paradise.

Thank you and may you and your family stay strong and well.

From my heart to yours, Jill Starr. Founder and Executive Director

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