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Mustangs come to Lifesavers from a variety of sources and for many different reasons. Some come from the various government agencies responsible for wild horse management, such as the Bureau of Land Management and the Nevada Department of Agriculture. In these cases, the horses are wild and are at risk of being sent to a slaughter auction.

Other horses are surrendered by their owners, who adopt or purchase them and later realize they don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to properly train or care for a horse. Sometimes we are contacted by local animal control agencies and asked to take a horse that has been seized from an abuse or neglect situation. Many of our rescued horses were purchased from public auctions to prevent them from going to the “killer buyers,” who buy and sell unwanted horses for meat. Every year, over 20,000 American horses are slaughtered for human consumption. 

H.R. 3355 is a bill introduced to Congress for passage that would make it illegal to buy, sell, or transport any American horse for the purpose of slaughter producing a product meant for human consumption.

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