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Wild Horse Canyon

This is our 1000+acre natural habitat sanctuary for rescued mustangs and their domestic counterparts. As adventure seekers and Sunday drivers wind through the two-lane canyon road that leads to the sanctuary through Caliente and Twin Oaks, California, they will see the hills speckled with hundreds of horses grazing on green hay, standing beneath tall oak and pine trees for shade, and swatting flies from each other in the synchronicity of tail swishing. This well-kept secret is home to 300 horses saved from dire circumstances each having its own story of escape from death.

Lifesavers continues to expand the sanctuary properties to make room for additional rescued horses that are not suitable for adoption. It is here that horses with advanced age, injury, lameness, or other limiting factors, can live their lives in peace and harmony never to be in jeopardy of being abused, neglected, or sent to slaughter. Ever.

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